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Basic Information Regarding Bulldozers

Category: Construction Equipment,
Posted Date: Jul 24, 2012

In the world of machines, Bulldozer is categorized under heavy duty machines. A Bulldozer is generally used for moving heavy loads, clearing large areas and pushing around piles of debris, rubble or soil. Bulldozer is a tracked tractor with a heavy metal plate, called blade and a claw like structure, called ripper. Bulldozer is used either during construction work or during renovation work. Basically, there are two primary tools of Bulldozer, the blade and the ripper.
Blades: Blades are the heavy metal plates in front of the Bulldozer which are used to push or shove soil, sand, debris or other objects. Blades come in different variety depending upon the purpose for which they have to be used.
Types of Blades
1. Straight Blade (S blade): This Blade is short and is used for fine grading. This Blade is also called a basic Blade.
2. Universal Blade (U blade): This Blade is long and curvy. It has large side wings which help in scooping material in large amount.
3. S-U Combination Blade: This Blade is shorter, less curvy. It has smaller wings. This Blade is generally used for pushing piles of large rocks.
Rippers: Rippers are the long claw-like structures at the back of Bulldozer which are used to loosen densely compacted material. Rippers also come in different variety, depending upon their purpose.
Types of Rippers
· Single Shank Ripper: Ripper comes as a single piece. It is also known as giant Ripper. It is preferred for heavy ripping.
· Multi Shank Ripper: Rippers, here, are used in a group of two or more.
Though Bulldozers having horsepower within the range of 100 to 240 are sufficient for most of the operations, they are also available within the range of 40 horsepower to 4000 horsepower. A Bulldozer, within the range of 100 horsepower to 200 horsepower, costs about $75,000. So it is really important to evaluate one’s needs and discuss them with a reliable dealer before buying.
Bulldozers have simplified the arduous task of construction workers. Blades of a bulldozer have evolved with time, according to the machines they are fitted onto and the purpose for which they are required.  Such purposes may range from land clearing and trash handling to brush piling. Selection of right blade necessitates a thorough evaluation of the processes that the Bulldozer will be engaged in. This evaluation is not only required for blade, but for right kind of ripper as well. Certainly, thorough evaluation demands time and energy. But, at the same time, it results in the optimal performance of the Used Bulldozer and a good return on investment 

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