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Maintenance Tips for Refrigerated Trailer

Category: Trailers,
Posted Date: Jul 25, 2011

A reefer or refrigerated trailer truck offers a practical solution for refrigeration requirements on the go. They are used to store and transport perishable goods that can get damaged in warm temperatures. These units have a basic refrigeration component which utilizes power from docks and outlets from land establishments. They are equipped with diesel generators. These generators are used for powering the refrigeration system during transport. Ventilation units supply cool air to maintain the temperature of the cargo.


A Refrigerated Trailer requires regular maintenance and care. The trailer is used in many industries to transport food, beverages, medical supplies, chemicals etc. The care of the trailer requires some effort and time; however the reward in the form of a smooth operating machine is indeed gratifying. The procedures involved in the maintenance of the Refrigerated Trailer are simple.


It is important to plan ahead after making a list of the issues and repair works that the unit requires. The next step is to make sure that one has all the necessary equipments and tools such as wrenches, screw drivers, pliers etc. The model number of the vehicle and the refrigeration unit has to be taken down since the features of the trailer may vary based on their types. This will give you a deeper knowledge about the intricacies of the vehicle. This detail will come in handy if the assistance from technical experts is required.


The deterioration of the insulation of the trailer should also be inspected. This will give an idea about the heat transmission rate. These types of vehicles utilize insulation in the form of Aerothane foam, which is essentially a type of closed cell foam that uses inert gas inside bubbles. One should check the Aerothane foam; if found wet, it should be replaced.


The next step is to inspect the top part of the trailer for holes, scratches or tears. If they are present, the holes should be sealed carefully to prevent the sun rays from entering the vehicle and causing problems with the cooling. Experts recommend that ideally, one should replace the aluminum top with a solar protective material that will reduce the effect of radiation on the vehicle. After this, one should examine the wiring in the air circulation to eliminate short circuits. One can even take the assistance of a professional to ensure that the cooling unit of the trailer operates flawlessly.


The responsibility one shows towards the vehicle will be rewarded back in the form of long and hassle free service. The timely maintenance and care of the trailer in these ways will surely enhance the operation and life of the vehicle.

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