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Stock Grading

The checks are carried out before dispatch from the UK. Each vehicle is graded, according to a quality system developed by GOLDWORKS International Ltd's quality grading system. The trucks are then uploaded on our website;

GOLDWORKS INTERNATIONAL LTD sells its used trucks and equipment on "AS IS" basis: More than 90% of all used European vehicles i.e. Used Commercial Trucks, are exported in an "AS IS" condition. More than 97% European vehicles have never been reconditioned as they are mostly in good mechanical condition. Our grading system is as follows:

Grade A - Just buy-As good as new
Grade B - Excellent condition
Grade C - Good to very good condition
Grade D - Avarage to good condition
Grade E  - Poor condition, needs repairs
Grade F -  Accident damaged- repairs required
Grade G - Parts only

                 ►     Change oil and oil filters
                 ►     Check tyres, change as required to meet local standards
                 ►     A full maintenance service
                 ►     A complete valet
                 ►     Check brake pads and CVs, change as required to meet local standards
                 ►     Any minor/major exterior/interior repairs

More than 95% of our commercial trucks in UK & Mozambique do not need the above works be done on them, however, it is important to be aware of any possible work that may be required. We certainly believe that the used tipper  trucks and machinery we supply are unbeatable in value for money and quality; we aim at exceeding your expectations. All used commercial trucks i.e. ERF tipper trucks, used Foden tipper trucks and machinery exported by Goldworks International UK Ltd. are inspected and graded according to quality and condition of the vehicle. This ensures that our vehicles and machinery are of sufficient quality for export. The vehicles are checked for specifications and general condition.