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Mobile Asset Management / Vehicle Tracking

Goldworks International UK Ltd, through our asset management partners Advanced Tracking (Advanced Tracking and Asset Management Solutions)  - An Asset Management and Wireless Tracking company provides fixed   and mobile asset management using ,Satellite and  GPS/GPRS tracking services to private and commercial fleet owners. Our wireless communications devices enable the transmission of data to track, monitor and control fixed and mobile assets. This technology is used in a multitude of applications across a wide variety of industries such as commercial trucking, rail, marine, heavy duty equipment and fixed asset security/monitoring.

ATRAMS is currently one of the fastest growing wireless tracking and monitoring companies using satellite/GPRS/GSM/EDGE technology. 

Mobile Asset Tracking and Management
Our cutting edge technology installed on your mobile asset ensures a seamless transmission of data from areas of GPRS (mobile phone network) to remote and hard to reach areas where the satellite technology kicks in automatically, saving you huge costs of dedicated satellite only devices .We pride ourselves as the only suppliers of a dual system that can be accessed remotely via the internet from anywhere you go in the world, using your online portal.
GPS/GPRS/SMS Bus tracking system – AT1200
It is designed for different models of vehicle.It can set up the speed limit for different section of a highway and Geo-fence alarm(tomonitor routes being used) . At the same time ,it can transmit the picture of status inside bus to, tired –driving and so on. By doing so , it can protect the driver and passenger, avoiding the losing fo money and lives tickets,improve the competition of the company
Satellite GPRS/SMS- Surelinx 8100
Atrams has advanced technology that gives no room for loses on your bus operations or fleet of vehicles, Our  Surelinx  8100, combines GPRS and Satellite technology in one device  and has ability to transmitting the data through internet from anywhere in the world , it can monitor 24/7, so it may detect  many irrgular behavior such as  hijack, over speeding,mileage covered, overtime claims. unauthorised vehicle usage, remote access imobilisation of vehicle etc.What is more, it can make the distribution more intellectualized and provide informatiojn in exel spreadsheets making it easy to analyse at a glance cutting man hours on entering logbooks for the vehicles. This device can assit in monitoring fuel usage of the vehicle too.For more information contact