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Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program With Goldworks International

How you could make thousands of dollars from our affiliate program without having to buy the trucks your self. If you have even bought one before, it's even a greater advantage because you are a perfect reference to the prospective buyers.

All you do is go to our website and register as an affiliate. This involves filling in a short form for us to register you as a recognised affiliate. You will then be given a unique affiliate identification number (AIN). Whenever you refer someone to us please let him or her quote your AIN in his or her correspondence. When they buy any plant, equipment or truck, you earn yourself some cash to spend. The affiliate programme with us has three categories:

Bronze Affiliate
This is an affiliate who has just been registered on our program. For each client you lead and makes a purchase, your account will be credited with US $180.00. You have no limit to what you can earn, keep introducing to us buyers and you will keep receiving payments. Your commission is either paid to your bank account.

Silver Affiliate
If you referrer up to 15 clients to us who make a purchase, you are upgraded to a silver affiliate. A silver affiliate earns a US $ 240.00 per referral that makes a purchase. Your commission is remitted to your bank account or sent to you by same day money transfers such as western union etc. Alternatively you could keep your money in your Goldworks International account that automatically becomes active when you register with us. When it accumulates, you can request for it or you add it to the purchase of your truck or equipment.

Gold Affiliaite
As a Gold Affiliate, your commission is at US $270.00 per client who makes a purchase. You can also claim your money or keep it in your account with us. Gold affiliate status is achieved when you have referred up to 30 clients who make a purchase.

Why Not  Aquire a Truck Without Paying
As an affiliate you could choose to let your commissions accumulate and depending on how many referrals you make you could select a truck and get it sent out to you. You have no excuse for not owning one with such a program with great benefits.

No Cash/Payment Handling by All Affliates
Your affiliate program is risk free, you do not handle any cash as an affiliate all you do is refer to us and we take care of all the rest of the work involved. This also Safeguards OUR CUSTOMERS from fraud or theft. DO NOT AT ANY TIME PAY ANY AFFILIATE FOR PURCHASE OF YOUR TRUKS OR EQUIPMENT. Our clients pay to our bank directly to Goldworks International in the United Kingdom using the bank account we supply when we issue you with a Proformar invoice.

Returning Clients
Have you bought a truck before from us? Then you deserve a discount. Our program for returning customers ensures that you also get the benefit weather or not you are an affiliate. Just ask for your discount on your next purchase quoting your customer number on the invoice you were issued with on your first purchase. You can also request for special offers as a returning client. We have an amazing periodic offer to our exiting clients who may even get more that 25% discount per purchase. JUST ASK!, BECAUSE AT GOLDWORKS, IT ONLY GETS BETTER!