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Benefits Of Buying Used Cars

Category: Cars,
Posted Date: Aug 22, 2012

The market of Used Cars market is growing at a fast pace. Many car buyers are now turning to Used Cars to get wider options at affordable rates. There are many used Car Dealers who offer various models and brands of Second Hand Cars For Sale. There are numerous reasons to consider Buying A Used Car but the prominent reason is still affordability. Some of the advantages of Buying A Used Car are as follows:
Lower Price: There is a wide price gap between a new car and a Used Car. Used Cars are available in a wide range of models, brands, colors, etc. at much cheaper rates than the ones in the showrooms.
Less Depreciation: A new car loses value on depreciation the moment it is taken on the road. Generally a Used Car loses more than 30-35% of its value within the initial two years. Therefore, Buying A Used Car is more beneficial as one can avoid the initial depreciation.
Wide Variety: If the budget is limited then one has very few choices left. Rather than opting for a base model new car, it is better to go for a Top Model Used Car with all the facilities like Power window, power steering, etc. 
Luxury Cars Can Be Afforded: Luxury cars have always been identified with status symbol. Buying A Used Car is beneficial if one wants to buy a luxury car at affordable price. Because of the reduced prices, one can easily Buy Used Luxury Cars within the budget.
Warranty: Generally new cars come with a certain period of warranty. If a Used Car is bought within the warranty period then the warranty transfers to the second owner of the car that too without any charge. 
Insurance: Insurance premium on a new car is much higher than that in case of Used Car. Used Cars can easily be insured at cheaper rates.
Negotiation: There is a possibility of negotiating the price while Buying A Used Car whereas this is not so likely while buying a new car. 
Extensive market research and useful information is required while Buying A Used Car. Lack of information can result in sheer wastage of money. If proper care is taken while planning to Buy Used Cars, then these can be very advantageous. Used Cars have become the preferred choice of many who have realized the benefits of buying a Used Car.
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