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Refrigerated and Flatbed Trailers for Shipping

Category: Trailers,
Posted Date: Feb 18, 2011


The goods carrier companies have a need for a diversity of equipment in their fleet to meet the demands for transporting different types of goods. Among the most common of trucks that serve a little uncommon purpose are refrigerated and flatbed trailers. These two trailers serve the purpose of transporting very specific types of goods and so are designed in a different way.

Many of the courier companies use refrigerated trucks and trailers to transport perishable goods which otherwise would become unusable due to heat. There is a wide variety of products which require transportation under temperature controlled conditions. Of them, two most common things are medical supplies and food products. Things like vegetables and seafood need to travel across the country to reach grocery store shelves, but if they were transported at normal temperature, in common trailers they would get spoiled by the time they reach the destination. In order to avoid the loss, companies who deal in these kinds of perishable goods always need to hire the services of a company with lots of refrigerated units. These kinds of trailers are mostly used by businessmen involved in production and supply of the products and are a little more expensive than the common trailers.

On the other hand, a flatbed trailer is used for hauling very large and heavy items which will not fit inside a regular trailer. A flatbed trailer is essentially a regular trailer with the sides and the top removed, leaving just a large platform on wheels. This provides enough space for transporting consignments like large pieces of industrial machinery, other vehicles. In western countries Canada these trucks are also used to relocate the whole house during the time of heavy snowfall.


In such cases, there is a requirement of another pilot vehicle which keep the traffic clear since it would be very difficult to maneuver the flatbed. Due to the involvement of a specialty vehicle and another pilot vehicle this service can be expensive at the same time being time consuming. However the most common users of flatbed transportation are the suppliers of machinery and parts to those in industries like manufacturing and natural resource mining and production and the expenses are exceeded by the profit that they get by the transportation.

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