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Refrigerated Trailers - Keeping Perishable Goods Safe And Fresh

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Posted Date: Feb 13, 2014

Refrigerated Trailers are used to transport perishable goods from one location to another. What makes them different from the typical trucks is their specially designed refrigeration system that is meant for keeping the goods fresh during haulage. The fitted refrigeration compartment maintains the temperature and the moisture level of the food products inside the trailer.


Other than transportation of Perishable Goods, Refrigerated Trailers are also useful for the transportation of goods that may not necessarily be perishable, but, maybe somewhat susceptible to temperature change.


Construction of A Refrigerated Trailer
Conventionally, Refrigerated Trailers came with an open lining between the interior walls of the refrigeration compartment to grant space for solid blocks of ice. This left adequate room in the middle for storage of products. Modern Refrigerated Trailers make use of an onboard cooling system similar to a refrigerator at home and maintain the temperature through carbon dioxide. Here are the attributes of modern day Refrigerated Trailers:

  • Improved structural rigidity
  • Lightweight body resulting in reduced overall vehicle running costs
  • Enables the use of especially manufactured foam cores so as to improve thermal insulation
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Efficient process control resulting in consistent and reiterating optimum output
  • High performance refrigeration system ensuring the strength and dependability


The Important Consideration:
Refrigerated Trailers are not like any other delivery vehicles that make frequent rounds for the delivery of goods. With every stop, the Refrigerated Trailers put the cargo at risk of losing its temperature. Thus, to keep the temperature perfectly controlled at all times, it is important to keep their doors shut when not in use.


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