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Tips To Buying Commercial Trucks In UK

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Posted Date: May 21, 2011

If one wants to buy trucks, a first-hand as well as a second hand would do. If money is your concern, then go for second-hand otherwise if quality is a concern then brand new trucks are a safe bet. When it comes to buying a used commercial truck , truck and trailer or any heavy duty truck, you need to be extra cautious to make sure that you score well rather than getting a raw end of the deal.


There is a huge market for used commercial trucks, and one can start an online search for your fleet’s next workhorse, researching on what’s available and the average prices of the used trucks. Purchasing a used commercial truck can be an excellent way to expand your fleet or start out on your own as a contractor. While buying a commercial truck, there are some tips which could save you money, not just on the sticker price but also on costly downtime and expensive repairs.

·  Check The Oil

When it comes to checking the oil, it implies the oil condition which can tell you a lot about the health of the truck and not the oil levels. In fact, a truck that has been well maintained will have had its oil (both engine and transmission) regularly analyzed for signs of contamination, metal traces or antifreeze.

· Check For Rust


The trucks should be checked thoroughly for rust, which can otherwise render the investment completely worthless. Surface rust can usually be fixed but structural rust, for example around the frame, may spell inevitable doom for the truck.

· Review The Service Records


Service records can tell us several things about the truck that is worth mentioning. Firstly, it should be ensured the records are legitimate, with the VIN matching the vehicle. The history of repair work should be checked to make sure there are no recurring patterns of breakdowns that could signal an expensive problem. One should be extra cautious of trucks with no service record at all; chances are there are a lot of concealed problems.

· Verify Major Parts


Bringing in a trained truck mechanic to help inspect the vehicle is a good idea if one is not overtly familiar with the inner workings of a truck. You need to be sure you can verify the condition of the major parts in the truck, whether it’s the brakes, transmission, steering, hydraulic lines or the AC. If you can’t accurately determine its condition then you might need to think about a replacement within your budget.

· Source Parts From Different Suppliers


The last thing you want is a great looking truck sitting idle because you can’t get a small, but vital, part for it, which is sometimes the case with obscure or limited-run truck brands. Make sure you can easily get parts for the truck from at least two separate suppliers to avoid being left high and dry.

· Reasons For Selling


Make sure that you know the reasons for selling. Don’t let them avoid the question, and ask it in a way that doesn’t give them time or opportunity to change the subject or rehearse a script. Look for body language or other reactions that might give away unspoken problems.

· Use A Broker


If you’re spending a lot of money then it may well be worth enlisting the services of a professional truck dealer. They can sort the good from the bad, and source an excellent deal on a used truck, even after they’ve added their commission. Do not buy a used commercial truck in haste as there can be many pitfalls. By proceeding cautiously, and getting help when you need it, you can find a used commercial truck that will give you many years of faithful and profitable service.

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