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LPG Tank Truck: Components

Category: Truck,
Posted Date: Jan 13, 2015

LPG, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is widely utilized in numerous applications as a fuel, refrigerant and as an aerosol propellant etc. Transferring LPG involves risk, as there is a constant threat of leakage. With a high quality LPG tank trunk you can be reassured about the safety aspect. Various kinds of components are used in a LPG truck such as internal valves, bypass valves, meters, pumps, etc. The quality of these components ensures that the truck functions in a proper manner and offers excellent performance. Some of the essential components have been detailed below.


Automatic Internal Valves
Based on their size and capacity Internal Valves are installed on LPG delivery trucks, LPG tank trucks, large stationary storage tanks and rim pumps or piping. When there is a change in the pressure, the flow gets higher or fall drastically below a certain value, then these valves automatically close.


Manual and Magnetic Gauging
The LPG level inside the tank truck can be determined by manual and magnetic gauging. Manual gauging is installed in end or side mounting position, but the position varies from model to model.


Pumps are used for controlling different conditions such as over speeding pump, pressure, poor suction and high loads from PTO systems. Vane type pump is the most widely used pump in LPG Tank Trucks.


Bypass Valves
When there is an increase in pressure, these valves return the LPG to the tank. This helps in protecting the pump. There are various models available in the market based on size, flow capacity, setting and application.


Meters for Quantity Check
LPG meter systems are used for determining the quantity of gas delivered by the bobtail or bulk transport trailers to various locations. Filter, air release, differential valve and a register combined with meter completes the system.


Besides these, there are several other useful devices and safety equipment installed within an LPG tank truck that ensures efficient operation and safe transfer of this flammable gas. With the use of quality components in a LPG Truck, the safe and efficient transfer of LPG can be ensured to a great extent.

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