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Why Are Starter Motors Significant?

Category: Truck,
Posted Date: Jun 22, 2012

Before understanding the significance of Starter Motors, it is important to know that what Starter Motors are!

A Starter or a Starter Motor is a device that is fitted inside all vehicles to give a quick start to the engine with its own power. A Starter Motor is available in different types such as electric motor, pneumatic motor or hydraulic motor. In the process of starting an engine, the starter, first, rotates the internal combustion engine and then the engine after driving power out of this process, starts on its own.

As mentioned earlier, there are three types of Starter Motors used in different types of vehicles. Electric motor is the most common form that is widely poplar and used on a large scale in almost all the vehicles. Some of these Starter Motors are permanent-magnet based while others are direct current starter motors with a solenoid.

Significance of the Starter Motor ( can be understood by knowing about the predecessors of Starter Motor and problems related to them. Before Starter Motors started reigning over the market, engines were started by other mechanical devices and methodologies such as gun powder cylinders, removable crank handle, wind-up springs or often by pulling a cord attached to a pulley with open face. Out of all, Hand crank was majorly used to start engine. But it was not just inconvenient but also very dangerous. The engines seldom used to take a sudden reverse rotation due to kick back or jerk.

Today, with the upcoming of Electric Starter Motors, all such kinds of problems have become a thing of past. Starter Motors allow the engine to start within seconds that too without any jerk or rotation. Moreover, most advanced forms of Starter Motors do not make noise and start the engine with minimal vibration.

Starter Motor can be purchased from Exporters or Suppliers of Starter Motors who are engaged in offering Starter Motors of various renowned brands such as DAF, Caterpillar, Foden, etc. You can Buy Engine Starter Motor at affordable price from reliable suppliers who are enlisted with several  B2B portals.

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