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Tips for Effective Care of Your Used Commercial Truck

Category: Used Truck,
Posted Date: Aug 21, 2012

Maintenance of a Used Commercial Truck is equally as important as buying it. Once you buy a Used Commercial Truck there come plenty of queries at the same time. You need to be aware of the maintenance tips so as to take effective care of the truck. Proper care of the vehicle ensures high performance and long life. For that matter you should: Go for a Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance
  • Create a habit of record keeping of your vehicle
Apart from these records you need to inspect your Used Commercial Truck on regular basis in the following ways:

Engine Compartment
Start by looking for any radiator leaks, check the coolant level and tighten the radiator cap. Inspect the fan for bent blades or loose mountings. Test belts for correct tension or signs of wear. Check the oil level plus the brake and power-steering fluids. Scrutinize the battery electrolyte levels and check for any signs of corrosion or cracks. 

Start The Engine
Make sure the engine runs smoothly with no knocking or abnormal noises. Check the hand throttle, choke and accelerator pedal. Inspect the dashboard instruments and windshield wipers. You must be familiar with what is adequate for your particular air-braking system.

Interior of the truck should be neat and tidy. Check seat adjustments to ensure the reach of the driver to the pedals and dashboard easily. 

Walk around the vehicle to inspect each tire for proper air pressure. Check the headlights, turn signal lamps, brake lights and running lights. Ensure that the vehicle license plates and any required DOT plaques are visible and secure.

Check The Radiator And Oil
Check the fluid levels in your truck as recommended by the manufacturer. It’s likely to develop small leaks along the engine and the oil train as the truck is old. If so, monitor the oil level regularly so that you don’t run out of oil before the next scheduled oil maintenance.

These regular checks can prevent your Used Commercial Truck from unpredictable snags. There are many good companies which take care of the maintenance of your Used Commercial Truck.  Goldworks International UK Ltd (euroasiatrucks) is one among them and supplies Used Ford trucks, Used Volvo tipper trucks, Used Mercedes Benz tipper trucks, Used Nissan trucks, Renault trucks, Iveco trucks, Used Foden Tipper Trucks ,Used Scania Tipper trucks, Used ERF Tipper Trucks, Used DAF Tipper Trucks and many more. For more details you can visit

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