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Best Tips of Buying Used Cars

Category: Cars,
Posted Date: Aug 21, 2012

At the time of Buying Used Car, it will be better if you do some homework. If you will follow certain guidelines, you can get the best deal. You can easily find a number of second hand automobiles in the market but which one the best and how to get the best deal are pertinent questions. Here are some tips one can follow while Buying A Used Car.

Proper Research For The Vehicle: One can easily find information in bulk on Internet by just searching for “Used Cars” with additional information on prices, pre-purchase inspection, ads, warranty and so on. It’s important to scrutinize and filter the important information first.

Warranty: There are many types of warranties for the Used Vehicles like Implied Warranty (unspoken, unwritten promises for the dealer), Warranty of Merchantability (promise applies to the basic functions of a vehicle), Warranty of Fitness and unexpired manufacturer’s warranty (If the manufacturer's warranty still is in effect).  It is buyer’s responsibility to confirm the type of warranty beforehand.

Pre-Purchase Inspection: It is best to get the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic to get a general indication of the condition of the vehicle.

Payment: Instead of making full payment you can get your vehicle financed. Dealers and lenders offer a variety of loan terms and payment schedules; one needs to be cautious while selecting them. Before signing any paper one should understand the following aspects.
  • The exact price one is paying for the vehicle
  • The finance charge (the amount the credit will cost one)
  • The APR (a measure of the cost of credit, expressed as a yearly rate)
  • The number and amount of payments and
  • The total sales price (the sum of the monthly payments plus the down payment)
Other Precautions: 
  • One should examine the car using an inspection checklist
  • One can go for test drive - on hills, highways, and in stop-and-go traffic
  • One should ask for the car’s maintenance record. If the owner doesn't have copies, one can contact the dealership or repair shop where most of the work was done. 

By following the above mentioned guidelines one can find a good Used Car. Goldworks International UK Ltd (euroasiatrucks) is a renowned company that has vast experience in mining, trucking, agricultural and construction industry. The company is a distinguished supplier of Used Tipper Trucks, Used Mining Plant Equipment, Used Farming Equipment, Used Generators, Used Compressors, Complete Used Engines, Used gearboxes and New & Used Truck Spares in UK. One can easily get more information about the company and its offerings on

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